In Honor of World Wildlife Day, and in the worldwide efforts to protect elephants…

This is a poem from our upcoming collection, Imperfection: Portraits by Katie Vyn.


In Our Hands

©2016 Katie Vyn


Red brown dusty dirt

sprays onto

grey wrinkled skin


the large ears

swoosh and sway

to rest and lay



a single shot

kills the air

before it meets

the side


and one of the last

falls to the ground

sending agonizing tremors

heartbreaking terror

through the earth


a calf stands

eyes searching

tears already drying

in the hot sun


as the men

carve out

her long white

bloody spears of ivory


weapons lay down

beside them


working, grinning

with success


they miss

the lion lingering

ready to pounce


one predator’s

giant mouth

roars against

another’s senseless skin


and it’s too late

to run

to shoot

to cry out


Imperfection: Portraits

©2016 Katie Vyn

Mad Kat Publishing