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Thank you or visiting our blog!  You can learn more about me, Katie Vyn, one of the writers for Mad Kat, on our YouTube Channel.  Listen to my podcast interview with Stephanie Gish about my IBD story and near death experience:


Chapter 1 of Chloe Rose: Book I is now available as an audiobook excerpt on our YouTube channel!  Click here to listen.


Our most recent release!! We are excited to have our first illustrated children’s book about Capoeira available as an ebook on Amazon. Click on image below to buy your copy, or to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Rise Above

Copyright © 2018 Katherine Vyn


from red, brown dusty earth


by fire and eternal love

Cooled and Calmed

by endless seas


by wind, air, and ether

We are brought to life

and sustained

Rise above


by hardship, kindness, and trust


by acts, words, and motions


by compassion, love, and faith


by tragedy, loss, and understanding

We are more than human

We are one

Rise above



Get it now on Amazon – CLICK HERE 




Copyright ©2016 Katherine Vyn and Maia Vyn McFarlane


Thank you for reading!

Comments from readers:

Journey to another place and time in this vividly descriptive Alice in Wonderland type tale of Chloe Rose and her family’s disappearance.  The debut authors’ expressive writing creates images which bring the reader’s imagination into the story.  “Raspberry sorbet colored blossoms cascade from tree branches and spread across the forest floor like a velvet blanket.”  This delightful story is truly captivating!  Well done!

-Female Adult Reader

Brilliant, brilliant…read the book this morning.  Real raw talent.  Sure hope you’re all going to make it into a movie.  Seriously.  Love it way up.

-Adult Male Reader

OMG, I love this part in the forest.  This is the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!  I love how detailed all the characters are.  It makes it feel like you’re in the book.  I also love how different all of the characters are.  Can’t wait for the other two!

-Female Young Adult Reader

Excellent narrative and I absolutely loved how the elements of nature and wild come alive in this mystery novel!! Recommended for all ages!

-Female Adult Reader

Read an excerpt below, following the book description.

A fantasy-adventure book about a young girl who goes on a life changing journey into a surreal forest to find her father.  She quickly learns there’s an evil presence lurking close by, which she must overcome to save the forest and herself.  With each step, a new danger surfaces, and she’s pushed to realize the strength she holds within and the invincibility of friendships.

For young adult and adult readers.



Chapter 1

The swirls of green come alive on the canvas. A large gaping mouth at the center, saliva slides down, caressing the silvery tongue that hangs out the side. Flower petals larger than life surround this green beast-like creature. There’s an unexpected kindness in its dark eyes flecked with yellow. Chloe Rose steps closer to the painting.

“Its eyes are like dad’s,” she says, turning towards her mother. Lauren’s sitting on a wooden stool in her art studio, her paint speckled apron barely covers her dress. Her dark brown hair is pulled back loosely into a hair tie, some longer hairs escaping to frame her face—one even got swept up by a draft apparently and dipped into the paint–and her deep brown eyes are lost in thought for a moment.

“I didn’t notice,” Lauren says without moving away from her painting. “Won’t Holly be here soon, Rosie?” Lauren gives Chloe Rose a look up and down and raises her eyebrow at her. Chloe Rose backs away from the painting slowly.

“I’ll go get ready,” she says, walking out of the room and disappearing around the corner. Lauren looks over her shoulder at the painting behind her. The eyes stare back at her.

©2016 Katherine Vyn & Maia Vyn-McFarlane

Coming out this fall…

Chloe Rose Book II tells Ruth’s story, our villain from Book I…


Dreamcatcher, a novel originally written as a feature film drama.

When Tatia Morgan’s father dies, she follows him into a dream world where he reveals secrets to her that unlock her spiritual powers. Will she discover how to use them to save a young girl lost in a coma before her grandparents put an end to what they call madness?

Imperfection, a collection of poetry & photography motivated by love and a deep reverence for nature.


We are very happy to be working with Ivory Ella, an online company dedicated to the protection of the gentle giants of the world, elephants.  They donate 10% of their net profits to save the elephants.  Click on the links below to see their beautiful, high quality, unique designs.  We hope you’ll contribute to their mission.  We are in love <3.

Stay cozy in Ivory Ella’s new organic collection. Comfy enough to lounge in at home, cute enough to wear out and about.


4Ocean is a new organization making a huge difference in ocean cleanup efforts.  Visit their website to check out what they’re doing and to get involved:

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